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Libra Aromatherapy Blend 2oz

Libra Aromatherapy Blend 2oz

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The Libra Aromatherapy Spray is a special blend designed for individuals born under the Libra zodiac sign. This all-natural product is made from essential oils sourced from natural ingredients, making it perfect for those who are mindful of their environmental footprint. In line with our core values of sustainability and zero waste, this spray is packaged in an eco-friendly and recyclable container, ensuring that it has minimal impact on the environment.

This aromatherapy blend is intended to provide the user with a calming and balancing experience, perfect for individuals born under the Libra sign, who are known for their balance and harmony-seeking nature. The all-natural essential oils used in the blend are believed to promote mental and emotional well-being, making it an excellent choice for individuals seeking a sense of inner peace and calm.

Overall, the Libra Aromatherapy Spray is the ideal choice for those looking for a natural and sustainable way to promote balance and harmony in their lives. Its high-quality ingredients, eco-friendly packaging, and therapeutic properties make it an excellent choice for anyone seeking a more mindful approach to self-care.

Simple Ingredients

Frankincense Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Bergamot Essential Oil
Vanilla Essential Oil
Coconut Oil
Witch Hazel
Distilled Water

How to use

Lightly Shake the bottle before use! Great to use as a light perfume, air freshener, bathroom spray, bed and pillow spray! This will not leave an oil residue so it's great for all fabric!

WARNING: Avoid eyes and do not use internally. All ingredients are safe but not all essentials oils are okay to ingest! Could cause irritation.

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Take Care of Your Body Simply

We use simple ingredients that are ethically sourced, wild-crafted or organic when possible! After all our skin is our largest organ so it's important to take care of it!